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Parent and Student FAQs

Do you have questions about attendancetransportationmeals, or how to check your grades? You are not alone! Please read this page for answers to some common questions about AVAIL.


If you need more assistance, give us a call at 907-742-4930.



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Q. Do I have to attend classes at AVAIL?

Attendance is required. Excuse a full or partial day absence by calling AVAIL at 907-742-4930. You may leave a message with your name and number, along with the student's name and the date of absence.


Q. Do I need a job to attend AVAIL?

No. AVAIL helps students become job-ready, and getting a part-time job is only one of the ways to earn elective credits.


Q. Can I attend at AVAIL and still join a club or play sports at my local school? Or attend King Career Center?

Yes! If you meet the school district eligibility requirements for participation.



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Q: Is transportation provided?

Bus passes are provided for transportation to and from school. Students get a monthly bus pass for the Anchorage People Mover.


Q: Can I drive a car to school?

Some students choose to drive, although parking downtown can be difficult. 



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Q: Do you serve lunch at AVAIL?

Yes! Lunch is provided to every student. Snacks are also available before and after school each day.


Q: Can I go out to eat during lunch time?

 AVAIL has a closed-campus lunch, meaning students may not leave and return.



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Q: Does AVAIL offer a diploma or GED? 

Diploma. AVAIL offers all classes required by the Anchorage School District for graduation.


Q: How many credits do students earn? 

Full-time AVAIL students earn 7.5 credits per school year.


Q: Can I check grades and attendance online?

Yes! You can use the ParentConnect and StudentConnect links in the sidebar to monitor your progress towards graduation. You will need to get login and password from the school during normal office hours.